Under His Eye


Under His Eye

Exploring the Sketchar iOS app with LIDAR technology, I merged augmented reality and artistry, painting and tracing images in the real world.

I found myself eager to test the Sketchar iOS mobile app, a marvel of augmented reality that invites one to wield the brush of creativity in a realm beyond the tangible. The initiation ritual required the LIDAR sensor on my device to cast its gaze upon the surroundings, bestowing upon the app a 3D map of the corporeal world. This sacred act granted the app the power to orchestrate the precise placement of virtual artifacts within our shared reality.

Once the ritual of scanning was complete, I selected an image from the archives of my device's photo library, deploying the app's arcane tools to summon it onto the wall before me. Through the lens of my device's camera, I beheld the image superimposed upon the wall, an apparition made flesh.

With unwavering resolve, I invoked the "Trace" command, embarking on a ceremonial dance of hand and image. The act was nothing short of enchanting—an immersive odyssey into the realm of artistry.

As I contemplate future exploits with the Sketchar app and its venerable LIDAR sensor, I can't help but anticipate the countless creative vistas yet to be explored.

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