Metal Brooch

Propaganda Dept. Brooch

Collaboratively, we produced limited-edition Propaganda Department metal brooches, added at random to T-shirt shipments, now rare collectibles.

The Propaganda Department metal brooch emerged from a collaborative endeavor between myself and a dear friend. At the time, she was deeply immersed in crafting diverse jewelry pieces, and her journey led her to seek a fitting logo for her burgeoning jewelry hobby. I lent my creative assistance in crafting the logo, and in return, she joined forces with me to fashion these unique brooches. Together, we birthed a limited series of these distinctive metal brooches, which were thoughtfully included at random in every shipment of Propaganda Department T-shirts. This serendipitous addition meant that when you ordered a Propaganda Department T-shirt during that period, you might have discovered one of these exquisite brooches nestled within your package. These brooches now exist as a rare and cherished few, a testament to the collaborative spirit that defined our artistic journey.

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