Propaganda Press


Propaganda PRess

Machinery of Manipulation: The Cycle of Propaganda

This graphic piece immediately captivates with its bold contrast of red and black, evoking strong connotations of urgency, authority, and perhaps even danger. At its core, a stylized printing press stands, symbolizing the machinery of mass communication. The press's intricate details, from the gears to the type bars, stress the complexities of information dissemination. The conspicuous message, "DEPARTMENT OF PROPAGANDA," arcs confidently above the press, unambiguously articulating the purpose of the machine. This title, reminiscent of authoritative state apparatuses, confronts the viewer with the idea that information is not merely shared but is manufactured, processed, and disseminated with intent. The circular composition encapsulates the machinery, suggesting a cyclical nature to propaganda—where information is produced, distributed, consumed, and then regurgitated. Overall, the artwork serves as a potent commentary on media manipulation, the manufacturing of narratives, and the machinery that perpetuates this cycle in society.

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