Power to the People



In 2018, a mural in Novi Sad sparked ChainReaction, and Propaganda Department's "Power To The People" was lost to gentrification.

'tTwas in the year 2018 when the city officials of Novi Sad, Serbia, executed a most grievous act by obliterating a mural that graced the heart of the city center. This reprehensible action of the government representatives birthed a formidable response, known as the ChainReaction initiative. The impetus behind this endeavor was the spirited Serbian actress Milica Grujicic. She embarked on a mission to restore murals to the streets and edifices of Novi Sad, a rebellion against the erasure of art from the public domain. 

It was at this juncture that the "fifth wall" came into existence, an edifice that bore the theme of anti-capitalism. The mural, referred to as "Power To The People," featured the iconic phrase in the style reminiscent of propaganda portraits from the communist era. This artistic endeavor would not have come to fruition without the dedicated comrades: Jelena Marjanovic, Dasko Milinovic, and Ljubomir Babic. The tale takes a somber turn, for "Power To The People" met its untimely demise during the gentrification of the so-called China Town in Novi Sad, a stark reminder of the ephemerality of artistic resistance.

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