The Propaganda Department's poster for Serbia's 2023 election embodies the crucial act of voting to avert tyranny

Crafted by the Propaganda Department, the poster featured a couple at the moment of casting their vote, a serene yet powerful image that spoke volumes. Emblazoned with the phrase "Za manje zlo" – "For the lesser evil," it echoed the sentiment that every vote is a defiant stand against the currents of tyranny. The poster, resonating with a deep understanding of Serbia's crossroads, became an icon of the people's resolve to navigate the tides of power. It was not merely a call to vote but a profound reminder that in the shifting sands of politics, the act of voting is the cornerstone of equilibrium, ensuring that the pendulum of rule swings in favor of justice and that the threat of a totalitarian shadow is held at bay. The poster stood as a testament to the nation's unwavering spirit, urging citizens to partake in the most consequential act of democracy, lest they forfeit their voice to silence.

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