New World Order

"New World Order" print replaces the pyramid's eye with a flying saucer, hinting at extraterrestrial influence and conspiracy theories, a standout in Propaganda Department's collection.

The "New World Order" print, a hallmark of the Propaganda Department's collection, is an artwork that communicates its message with striking simplicity. It ingeniously transforms the iconic pyramid from a dollar bill, traditionally crowned with an overseeing eye, into a realm of extraterrestrial intrigue. Here, a flying saucer takes its place, evoking the age-old notion that aliens played a hand in the construction of ancient pyramids. By replacing the overseeing eye with this cosmic symbol, the artwork suggests a thought-provoking twist—the omnipresence of these otherworldly beings, their watchful gaze encompassing all. It's a nod to the allure of conspiracy theories, a realm in which I delightfully flirt through Propaganda Department's creations. Unveiled years ago, this print has garnered a dedicated following, yet its ubiquity is not guaranteed. Who's to say whether the media itself might fall under the influence of these enigmatic beings, making their presence all the more elusive in our world?

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