In 2022, Winery Bjelica featured Novi Sad's "Power To The People" mural on their Graffiti Collection wine bottles, preserving its essence and sharing it with brother cities.

In the year 2022, a remarkable turn of events unfolded, breathing new life into the iconic "Power To The People" mural. It was during this pivotal year that I received an unexpected missive from Winery Bjelica, a distinguished establishment renowned for its Graffiti Collection line of premium wines. Their proposition was both audacious and ingenious — to immortalize the spirit of the mural by adorning their wine bottles with its striking imagery. In doing so, they aimed not only to preserve the mural's essence but also to champion the graffiti artists of Novi Sad, ensuring their artistry would endure in a different form.

What made this endeavor truly exceptional was that Winery Bjelica's Graffiti Collection held a unique status as the signature collection of Novi Sad. It was not confined to the city's boundaries alone but was generously shared with what were affectionately referred to as "brother cities" around the globe. These brother cities included the likes of Budva in Montenegro, Chángchūn in China, Dortmund in Germany, Modena in Italy, and Norwich in the United Kingdom. This act of cultural exchange, coupled with the preservation of the mural's essence, became a testament to the enduring power of art, transcending borders and time itself.

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