Trust The Media

Inspired by "They Live," the "Trust the Media" design humorously highlights that while most view it as a joke, around 6% of Americans earnestly trust the media, revealing the influence of blind compliance with televised information.

The "Trust the Media" design draws inspiration from influential elements of pop culture, notably channeling the directness seen in the 1988 movie "They Live." This film's unambiguous messages, prominently displayed on various mediums, contrast with the subtlety often employed in advertising, conditioning us to expect hidden or more palatable information. Ultimately, the manner in which a message is conveyed pales in comparison to how it is perceived. While many may interpret "Trust the Media" as a jest, it's noteworthy that approximately 6% of Americans, as indicated by studies, might genuinely embrace the sentiment, believing in unwavering trust in the media. Though this percentage may seem small, it still represents a considerable number of individuals who obediently heed televised information, dwelling in a state of unquestioning compliance.

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