Gasping for Change

In the latest visual manifesto from the Propaganda Department, the somber hues of red and black bleed across the canvas, revealing a dire tableau of the Balkan air crisis. As the artisan of this piece, I've chosen to cloak figures in gas masks, not to obscure their humanity, but to highlight the suffocating grip of pollution in Belgrade and Sarajevo—cities now notorious for their tainted breath.

Through this series, I cast a stark light on the generational chokehold of inaction, with the youngest and most vulnerable at the forefront. These posters, emblazoned with Cyrillic cries for awakening, are more than mere decoration for the urban sprawl; they are harbingers of truth, dispatched to the very heartlands of Serbia and Bosnia, where the air weeps toxic tears and the hands of governance remain still. This is our clarion call to the masses, a visual rebellion against the silent storm of pollution ravaging our skies.

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