In The Sign Of The Octopus



innocent boy with a holy book and the Propaganda Department logo, challenging perceptions of good and evil.

The "In The Sign Of The Octopus" print serves as a haunting emblem of Propaganda Department's pervasive influence. This artwork features an innocent boy clutching a holy book adorned with the Propaganda Department logo, symbolizing the organization's dominance. The image evokes unsettling parallels to the indoctrinated youth of Deutsche Junge from Nazi Germany, prompting contemplation on the layers of contradiction it embodies. The boy gazes upward with an air of pride, yet he is ensnared by the sinister, obsidian tentacles of an octopus, with the bold, almost promotional letters of "Propaganda Department" looming large. It forces viewers to question the organization's true nature, challenging preconceptions about all institutions, including religious groups. Its ambiguity makes it a rare and thought-provoking image, one that few dare to wear or display, as it teeters on the precipice between good and evil, much like the often contentious role of organized religions.

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